Our Manifesto

We are young people that want a change.

We were born in Basilicata: a place which is ignored by the rest of Italy but loved by its inhabitants.

We have grown up in the warmth of the Southern people, with the wonderful Sassi of Matera, the narrow alleys of unknown towns and unspoiled landscapes of the province. We have studied in our small schools, where excellence is the passion and expertise of teachers and professors.

We have experienced our cities, our countries. Each of us has a piece of Matera in our heart, a place in Matera to which we are attached, a desire for Matera that we hope will be realised.

We travelled, we looked around. We have seen cities that are completely different from Matera, countries different from those of Basilicata, habits different from ours; boys and girls, men and women brought together in diversity.

We saw so many different realities: we appreciated the differences of others and scorned our weaknesses.

We wanted to escape – even if only for a while – but then we came back.

Today some of us are attending the high school in Matera, others are studying at university and they are living away from their city. All of us have to make a choice for our lives. Growing up, the moment of choice is approaching.
We want to be able to decide to stay or to go back to Matera; we want to have the possibility to live our future here.

We do not want to be forced to go away and find a place elsewhere, not even being forced to stay and forcibly occupy a place that we do not feel is our place.

We want to have the freedom to choose.

We want to have the ability to choose where to study, perhaps deciding to go away, but knowing that for each of us that has to leave, someone else could stay. Those who want to stay can have the same opportunities as those who study in other university cities of Italy.

We want a good reason to stay, to leave and then return.

We want a city that welcomes us and welcomes all of its citizens, that makes young people, students and workers feel at ease, that are the life blood of any territory.

We believe that Matera offers occasions and opportunities, a lively atmosphere and a stimulating climate for everyone.

We would like to breathe European and international air in our land, so that it can be a land of encounter and exchange.

We want to breathe clean air that is healthy and genuine, where future challenges are faced with respect for the environment, people and ideas.

We also want “clean” politics, competent, forward-looking and honest directors, who are open and young (not necessarily in age, but with “young” minds).

We have the right to ask for a better place to live. We have the right to expect and to demand a change. We are committed to allowing Matera to grow.

We see ourselves as a resource for our land and we want to commit ourselves to write; for us and for Matera to have a different fate from the role of the indifferent and disinterested.

We would love to have the support and help of those who think like us.

There is no defeat in the hearts of those who struggle.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

(translated by Vittoria De Nittis)

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